Gotham Space Agency (GSA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Google Product Manager Nigel Snoad and McKinsey Academy Founder Andre Dua, in partnership with MIT and NASA. The organization’s goal is to inspire the next generation of citizen scientists through the democratization of space.

Through the deployment of a 2U Cubesat with a crew of 3D printed characters, Gotham Space Agency seeks to capture the imagination of future scientists and engage them in an exciting journey into space. 


Our challenge was to design and present the client with an EDU version of the website for the Post-Launch/Legacy phase of the project in six weeks. 


The team for this project included three other NYU User Experience Design students. My role in the team was to head the qualitative and quantitative research for the group and present our findings to the client .



To develop a better understanding of the current state of online space science platforms and teacher and learner needs, we performed comparative analysis, interviewed potential and users. 


Through our research we were able to discover that the most successful learning sites were either geared towards supporting teacher mediated learning or towards self-directed learning, but rarely both. Our findings helped the client define the audience they wanted to target and the resources needed to do so.


Through a series of surveys, interviews, observations, and A/B testing with interactive wireframes and paper prototypes we were able to gain insights from teachers about what would make them most likely to implement a new site into their classroom and what would turn them away. 


Through several iterations we arrived at a design that incentivised teachers to post and share their own curriculum using the organization's branded content. The design addressed the client's needs of developing a lean model for content creation that would continue to sustain teacher engagement.

The final research and design was presented to the client as a 30-page booklet.  

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